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The Mission of Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads (Habitat SHR) is to build affordable homes that strengthen families and communities in South Hampton Roads. Habitat SHR was founded in 1988 and, through its unique model of a “Hand-up; not a Hand-out,” has afforded more than 238 families the opportunity to become homeowners - that's over 800 individuals, including children, with a safe, warm home to call their own. 

We are working hard to increase the amount of homes that we build each year. Every day, more and more families find themselves in a struggle to keep a decent roof over their heads. Caught in punishing cycles of unpredictable rent increases, overcrowded conditions, or lack of affordable financing, these families live with a constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear. Exacerbating the affordable housing shortage is the recent, significant cost increase for building materials and the supply-chain backlog for key components.

Habitat SHR raises 100% of its funding locally. We rely on the generosity of local individuals and businesses to continue tackling the affordable housing crisis. That is where you come in. Every and any donation makes a huge difference, especially to our homeowners that you are helping build a place of their own, helping reach financial stability, and helping break the cycle of generational poverty within their family.

Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty

Habitat for Humanity has proven that the Cycle of Generational Poverty can be broken through the Habitat model of a “Hand-up; not a Hand-out.” Three milestones can be measured that depict how Habitat families purchasing affordable housing break the Cycle of Poverty:

  1. First Milestone (Short Term) AVERAGE MONTHLY HOUSING SAVINGS OF $400 (new mortgage verses old rent) PROVIDES IMMEDIATE BUDGET RELIEF This increase in the family’s disposable income is life-changing as it enables them to purchase better quality food, pay for dental and medical care, secure more reliable transportation, obtain safe child care services and pursue educational opportunities.
  2. Second Milestone (Medium Term) FAMILIES IMMEDIATELY START TO BUILD AND ACCRUE HOME EQUITY Owning a home is the #1 way most American families build wealth. This includes low-income families who, in most instances, have no wealth building opportunities
  3. Third Milestone (Long Term and Sustaining) CHILDREN GROWING UP IN HOMES ARE 25% MORE LIKELY TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL, 50% MORE LIKELY TO GRADUATE COLLEGE AND 60% MORE LIKELY TO BE HOMEOWNERS THEMSELVES These are sustainable factors in Breaking the Cycle of Poverty as they are passed from generation to generation.

How else can I give?

Finishing up (or starting) your Christmas shopping? Habitat SHR has partnered with AmazonSmile and GoodShop so that you can easily support affordable housing just by doing your regular shopping. 

GoodShop not only do makes a donation to the nonprofit of your choice, they also offer the deals/coupons for stores you shop every day. Visit www.goodshop.com/nonprofit/habitat-for-humanity-south-hampton-roads and click Shop Now to start shopping to support Habitat SHR!

Visit smile.amazon.com to get started supporting Habitat SHR while you shop Amazon.

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