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In the time of COVID-19, we, like so many schools and social programs have been operating remotely, leaving so many LGBTQ+ youth feeling increasingly isolated and in need of more support than ever. Thanks to technology, our staff have been able to safely connect with our participants, continuing to provide weekly individual check-ins and group support services. As an essential service to the LGBTQ+ youth in our community, the requests for social-emotional support for youth has increased exponentially. 

Your donation, in any amount, will go a long way in helping us to expand our capacity and meet the increasing needs of our LGBTQ+ youth community, without imposing fees on our participants in a time when financial strain is already so very high. Thank you, on behalf of Center for Human Development and the communities we serve.

 "Before this program I was insecure about who I was and I was scared to be who I truly am around others, but thanks to my advisor and the help of my peers I was able to overcome my obstacles and I am now free to express myself and be the person I always wanted to be."  ~ Isaac, 17, Pittsburg High School

"Empowerment is a confidential group that is there to help those who don't have emotional support... During group meetings I felt welcomed and able to be and express my true self without judgement... I learned how to cope with my emotions a lot better and if it wasn't for Empowerment I honestly don't know where I would be right now." ~ Veronica, 17, Pittsburg High School

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