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Comunidades Unidas / Communities United (CU) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 1999. 

20 years later CU continues to be at the forefront of the immigrant rights movement in Utah to ensure Latinos and immigrants have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential. 

Comunidades Unidas engages with more than 5,000 individuals per year while maintaining our grassroots connection with our community.

Our initiatives are focused on building healthy and united families! 😉 

Our goals include: 

- Increase access to affordable health care services

- Empower community members to take control of their own health and advocate for issues that matter to them

- Provide immigration services to ensure family unity 

- Increase civic engagement among Utah's immigrant and Latinx communities

- Advocate for immigrant rights and build a welcoming and inclusive state


*A special thank you to all our donors for making our work possible!

Do you want to avoid online processing fees? You can mail us a check to our office! Call 801-487-4143 for more information.

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Comunidades Unidas

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