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Support Farm Table on Giving Tuesday, November 29, to Help Regenerative Family Farmers Restore Soil Health, Protect Groundwater, Practice Humane Animal Management, and Grow REAL Food

The challenges seem to get bigger every day: climate change, corporate dominance, food waste, hunger, and serious health issues, just to name a few. What can any one person do?

YOU can make a difference by supporting efforts close to home! Your food choices can help protect land and water, and support small family farms that use regenerative practices to produce delicious, highly nutritious foods.

It's why your donation to Farm Table matters. YOUR contribution will

  1. Boost the income of small family farms growing food packed with nutrition and great taste
  2. Help farmers rebuild soil health, prevent erosion, protect water, and treat livestock humanely. It's what our farmers do!
  3. Help re-establish a healthier food system, one grounded on positive environmental impact, whole foods, better income to farmers, and a better local economy

Farm Table Restaurant is the major program of the Farm Table Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization. Because we're committed to regenerative agriculture, Farm Table is one of the few places where you can taste, see and feel the deep connections between what we eat and how it's grown. 

About our Partner Farmers

We regularly purchase from over three dozen, small-scale family farms ranging in size from 5 to 300+ acres. They use regenerative practices:

  • Intensively managed grazing - of cattle, sheep, goats to sequester carbon (a greenhouse gas) in the soil and out of the atmosphere
  • Cover cropping - to prevent erosion and to fertilize the soil
  • Low-till/no-till planting - injecting seeds into the soil instead of plowing wide furrows that release carbon into the air
  • Mulching - instead of using herbicides, they use cover materials between the plant rows to prevent erosion, suppress weeds and preserve moisture
  • Choosing plants and livestock that thrive in our climate and our terrain without lots of chemical boosters

In the last few years, we've also expanded to

  • Provide local farmers with a retail outlet right in our restaurant
  • Learn what support regenerative farmers need to keep improving
  • Offer "grab-and-go" and "take-and-bake" meals. They've become favorites.
  • Partner with Cooked2Serve, a local nonprofit to deliver delicious, healthful meals to children and Polk County families in need

2022 was both rewarding and a CONTINUING CHALLENGE

Challenged & Excited for 2023, and Beyond 

Please, help us strengthen our commitment to small farms, soil health, and seasonal food as we revamp our educational classes to meet the needs of our community. These last few years tested all of us. One major factor intensified our challenge: we lost well over half of our operating budget for 2022. 

That said, we're eager for the future because our partnership network is strong and building. It includes:

  • Regenerative farmers 
  • Farmer-led efforts that are reducing runoff into the rivers and lakes of the Lower St. Croix Watershed (includes the Twin Cities and other large metro areas)
  • Like-minded local organizations. For example, our public schools help students visit local sustainable farms and experience the links between regenerative farming, health and community vitality
  • Volunteers who regularly devote their valuable time, energies and expertise to keep Farm Table clicking
  • YOU.  Your partnership is key to our success. Your support makes a difference!


Here are examples of your donations at work! 

Helping Families on a Budget

We partner with the Cooked2Serve program to provide nutritious meals to families and children in need.


Local Farms and Farm Table's Restaurant
Farm Table purchases up to 80% of ingredients from regenerative farms working to restore our soils, protect groundwater, manage livestock humanely and keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

Inspiring Connections Between What We Eat and How it's Grown
Farm Table provides opportunities in our restaurant that connect guests with the food on their plate to how it was grown.

Enjoy These YouTube Classes

Visit our YouTube channelMissing classes? You can check out our large selection of FREE classes about cooking, baking, and gardening.

Make a Real Difference by Supporting

Local Food, Local Farms, Our Natural Resources


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