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Global Challenges Youth Empowerment Partnership GloCha is a multistakeholder action network which aims to harness the creativity and entrepreneurial energy of young people for solving the world's biggest challenges like climate change, sustainable development and peace in an alliance of civil society, United Nations programs and agencies, local communities and cities administrations, academia and organized and unorganized youth.

GloCha is built on the conviction that everybody can and shall contribute to the local and global public good - Everyone can be a GloCha Angel - a global citizen who takes action and shares resources for the global and local public good.

In order to play a positive role in global society young people need formal and informal global citizenship education, institutional and technological support structures, financial resources and access to global networks.

In order to mobilize the necessary resources for youth empowerment in this global context there will be launched at World Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech a Call for Resources for Youth Climate Action #GiveYouthAChance (more info:

With our work we aim to empower young people to cooperate in the creation of a better world with social and technological innovation. GloCha connects them globally and helps them to harness the potential of modern technology for local and global public good.

We provide necessary, systemic pre-conditions for meaningful and rewarding participation in overcoming global challenges. The projects we create embody the vision and mission of GloCha, a transinstitutional global network with GloCha Foundation New York. We are a part of a larger, UN accredited civil society organization called IAAI, headquartered in Klagenfurt/Austria (International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges; 

IAAI/GloCha has been a global leader of youth empowerment for 'global challenges action' since 2010.  We organized the Global Challenges Youth Music Contest, the prototypes of Global Challenges Youth and ICT Centers in developing countries as local level entry points for young people to join global flows of knowledge, funding and socail energy.

We connect with United Nations system, build bridges between the broad public - and especially young people - and global programs in the fields of sustainable development, climate change etc. (You can see a presentation of how GloCha aims to complement the work of public authorities and United Nations system here:

Global Youth needs You!

Give a helping hand by taking global challenges action and sharing your resources and become a #GloChaAngel, too.

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