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Hundred Acre Wood

In December 2017, LCRP purchased a 25 year lease on 100 acres of forested land from the local community.   This was a huge step forward for the establishment of the sanctuary, as we now have a real place to call home – our Hundred Acre Wood! 

We need your help to start building proper facilities on the land.

This land is set in the Marshall Wetlands, a beautiful and important estuarine habitat with vast mangrove forests and unique biodiversity. The area is a proposed protected area, meaning long term security, community partnerships and ecotourism opportunities.

Graphic of building plans for the sanctuary site

The orphaned chimps will have access to more natural surroundings, helping them develop as healthy, happy chimps.

Plans also include facilities for veterinary care, quarantine, nursery, an outdoor socializing yard and indoor overnight facilities. All of these are vital to the continuing care of chimps whose lifespans are 50 - 60 years of age.

Orphaned baby chimps like Ellie can live to be 50 - 60 years of age, and need proper care since they no longer have their mothers and original family members.

LCRP founder, Jenny Desmond gives comfort to a resident orphan. In the wild, baby chimps will be nursed by their mothers for about 5 years, getting constant physical affection and reassurance.

This is an opportunity to be part of something  extraordinary! Will you join us?

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Orphaned chimps have formed friendships together and bonded as surrogate family. Here they enjoy some enriching activities while learning important skills to their survival.

Jimmy Desmond is one of only two veterinarians in Liberia. His qualifications, expertise and dedication are key to the survival of the orphaned chimps at LCRP.

Dr. Jane Goodall, the world's leading primatologist, is pictured on the far left with Jenny and Jim Desmond. Princess the wonder dog plays an important role at LCRP, befriending and comforting the baby chimps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The chimpanzee orphans at LCRP's sanctuary in West Africa are tragically victims of the bushmeat and live pet trades whose mothers were killed. They are only with LCRP because they need 24/7 care and are being rehabilitated so they can live once again in a natural setting with other chimpanzees, where they belong. Chimps ARE NOT and SHOULD NOT be PETS or be forced to live with humans! Thank you!!

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