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Dance for Parkinson's 30-minute Class Filmed for Local Public Health TV  -  released April 1, 2020 during COVID-19 shutdown

Giving Tuesday  December 1, 2020 Fundraising Campaign

Dance for Parkinson's and Movement & Music utilize the power of dance, music, and creativity to improve mobility and quality of life for people. It is with your help that we can make a difference.

Our Outreach Programs Dance for Parkinson's, for people with Parkinson's disease, their caregivers, spouses and partners, and Movement & Music, for older adults in Senior Centers, Retirement Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities, are taught in the internationally acclaimed Dance for PD® (Parkinson’s disease) method in which participants explore movement and music in ways that are enjoyable, stimulating and creative.

As a preventative measure to decrease risk associated with COVID-19, Ruth Davidson Hahn & Company has suspended in-person Dance for Parkinson’s and Movement & Music classes until further notice.  We have been hard at work and now are offering Dance for Parkinson’s live weekly remote classes. We teach from Nebraska Ballet Theatre & School reaching participants in their homes or Assisted Living locations. We needed to purchase expensive equipment to achieve this goal and are grateful for all the continued public support.

Words from one couple who attend Dance for Parkinson's; “By the end of class each time I was walking on my own and without my walker just as if I weren’t suffering from this terrible malady. Dance for Parkinson’s has to be the best thing for people like me. I was sorry when the class was over. Thanks to Ruth for all her help.” Carolyn Johnsen, Dance for Parkinson’s Participant

“Ruth treats each person in the class — the Parkinson’s clients and their accompanying caregivers — as capable of meaningful expression through movement. By practicing real dance warmup moves, the members of her class get an insight into what modern dance is about, from the viewpoint of a professional modern dancer. As an instructor trained in the Dance for Parkinson’s approach, Ruth has a unique way of making her class feel like a choreographed team, while paying close attention to the challenges facing each individual member. ‘There is no bad dancing,’ she says, as she shows you how to get better.”   David Fowler, Dance for Parkinson’s Caregiver 

Your donations will help people like this couple, Carolyn and David, continue experiencing together the joy of movement through dance in our Dance for Parkinson's Program.

Here is what a beautiful participant, sadly no longer with us, said about Movement & Music; “Ruth is a wonderful dance teacher! I enjoy the relaxing and interactive atmosphere she creates when she teaches us Movement & Music. The social aspect is delightful and the congeniality of dancing in a group is very beneficial to our community. She gets us moving in all kinds of ways and it’s surprising how much we are able to do. We do more types of movements in this class than we do in other exercise classes. Her choices of music are excellent and energizing. The music helps us to move freely and with more ease. The fact that the class includes everyone regardless of their mobility is a very positive part of the program. I know it builds confidence in my ability to move and I see it does the same for others in the class. I am 89 years young and by the end of class I am more connected to my body, more motivated to move, and filled with enthusiasm and joy.”   Marian Krause, Movement & Music Participant, The Lexington Assisted Living Center

Your donations will help older adults like Marian, in Senior Centers, Retirement Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities rediscover the joy of movement through dance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We can not do all the good we are doing, helping people with Parkinson's disease and older adults to move and be uplifted, without your gifts, your generosity and your support. 

Ruth Davidson Hahn, President and Artistic Director           



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