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The members of Suncoast Black Arts Collaborative, Inc. are working to increase knowledge, visibility and appreciation of the innovative works produced by Black artists.  Our mission is:

  • To advocate for greater exposure to African American Artists throughout the Suncoast Arts community, and
  • To provide educational forums/symposia to expose students and arts patrons to the work of African American Artists

We strongly believe it is important to ensure that works produced by artists belonging to underrepresented groups are appropriately represented throughout our artistic landscape in the Suncoast.  We have focused our efforts on creating partnerships and collaborations with art and cultural organizations that embrace the vision of a robust and diverse arts community.   These collaborations and partnerships include the Polk Museum; Art Center Sarasota: Hermitage Artist Retreat; Manasota ASALH; Ringling Museum; and Sarasota Art Museum.  We are pleased to report engaging educational programs with the local school systems. 

We are requesting support for our upcoming Arts and Racial Justice Panel Series, which will provide a forum for dialogue with local arts organization leaders, community leaders, and artists to define racial equity goals for arts organizations in the Suncoast region.  The Arts and Racial Justice Panel Series will expand the understanding and commitment to racial equity and identify action steps to create a more just engagement with African American artists and artists of color. 

It is our goal to enhance DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and INCLUSION in operations, performances, and exhibitions all leading to positive systemic changes in the arts!  

For additional information about Suncoast Black Arts Collaborative, Inc., please visit our website launched in July 2020. 





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