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History teaches us that human rights are fragile and progress is often followed by societal backlash.  Although enormous strides have been made, the epidemic of bullied and disenfranchised LGBTQ+ youth continues.  In today's divided political environment there is an urgent need to teach LGBTQ+ history and provide role models to help educate youth and the population-at-large. 

THE LAVENDER EFFECT’s Educational Programs are at the heart of our mission.  We teach the benefits of diversity and principles of empathy, as well as demystify human sexuality & gender identity.  Our Video History Projects, Interactive Educational Presentations, PRIDE Explorer® App and Unique Cultural Events reach a broad audience to share the history and wisdom of LGBTQ+ people.  Celebrating LGBTQ+ Heritage and Culture helps to demystify our diverse community, reduce shame, combat homophobia, and empower new generations.


Exhibits & Timelines illustrate notable LGBTQ+ Milestones in LGBTQ+ history. They contextualize diverse points of view and related events including human rights milestones, activist statements, societal values, and pop culture. Traveling Exhibits & Multimedia Timelines are professionally curated and include verified content from archives, libraries, videos, books, and photographs.

The Oral History Project (OHP) documents living testimonies from the fearless individuals that fought for early LGBTQ+ Equality. The digital archive includes stories of Coming Out, AIDS Activism, Religious Oppression, Gender Fluid and Non-Binary Identities. Our LGBTQ+ and ally video testimonies utilize the platinum standards of Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation and produced at the highest standards available. Testimonies are repurposed for multiple audiences and supplemental curriculum for California’s FAIR Education Act, Diversity Training, and Social Media.

PRIDE Explorer® PRIDE is a FREE Bilingual (English & Spanish) App available for download from the App Store and Google Play. This entertaining and educational location-based exploration has been created for both tourists and locals in mind. Gay or straight, young or old, there’s no other tour like this in the City of Angels or Big Apple! If you don’t have a portable device you can link tour our Virtual Tour by clicking here. Now you can experience it from anywhere in the world, even in the comfort of your own home (or closet)!

#TodayLGBTQhistory is an ongoing project of THE LAVENDER EFFECT® that launched in September 2012 on  The project collects and distributes daily facts about LGBTQ history and culture, reaching as far back as the High Middle Ages all the way up to the present, where LGBTQ history is being made every day.

Presentations & Tours celebrate and teach LGBTQ+ and ally history and culture to businesses, students, and families nationwide. These come in the form of Interactive Presentations and Guided Tours. Contact to inquire.

THE LAVENDER EFFECT® is a nonprofit 501(c)3 project of Community Partners. Your gift will be used for research, oral history production, educational programs, traveling exhibits, cultural events, curriculum supplements, and more.

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