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Valley Eye Radio is the unique, accessible source for local news and information in the Pioneer Valley for seniors, veterans, and those with vision limitations, head traumas and other physical disabilities. 

These neighbors rely on our 50-plus volunteers to keep their quality of life, their connection to their communities, and their independence. Without us, they are at risk of isolation and depression.

We broadcast news and information that isn't available from standard radio and TV news. Like what? Local city and town events and political news, the daily obituaries, supermarket sales ads, and so much more.

We have gone beyond reading local newspapers to "bring" our listeners to community events, forums and trainings that provide even more information than ever before available just for them and their specific needs--information not available from any other source. 

We bring, as we always will, the human connection and voices of John, Sue, Jeanne, Chip, Eileen, Ray, Tom, Bill, Pat, Marilyn and all the other dedicated volunteers who for years have teamed up to keep our listeners informed.

They care. They know what a difference they are making in the lives of our listeners who are their friends, neighbors and relatives who just need to get their news and information in different ways and to stay connected despite life's challenges.


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