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Your Gift will Build Up the Lives of At-Risk Individuals and Families During the Holidays

Make a difference in the lives of children, working families, seniors, and people with disabilities and special needs at risk of homelessness.

Since 1974, Wesley Housing has provided permanent, affordable housing to more than 25,000 low- and moderate-income individuals and families at risk in 35 communities throughout Northern Virginia and in Washington, D.C.

Wesley Housing also provides a robust Resident Services program—the foundation of which is Housing Stability. Maintaining stable housing is essential to building a better life. Without stable housing, an individual’s health and well-being is diminished. Without stable housing, a child’s education is jeopardized. Without stable housing, an adult’s ability to attain or advance in a job is hindered. And, without stable housing, individuals and families are unable to be active and engaged members of the community.

Considering this, core elements of Housing Stability, available to all residents, include:  

  • Eviction Prevention
  • Linkage and Referral
  • Career Enhancement
  • Material Assistance/In-Kind Support

In addition, Wesley strives to enrich the lives of residents with on-site complementary family programs and supportive services in 3 additional impact areas:

  • Community Engagement—social activities, recreational activities, seasonal activities, and   volunteerism
  • Education—adult programming, youth/out-of-school time programming, enrichment  programming, and financial literacy
  • Health & Wellness—health education, health screenings, exercise classes, and nutrition

The scale of programs and services for the additional impact areas is based on available financial resources each year. 

 As the cost of housing continues to rise, Wesley intends to deliver more affordable housing options in the region, including the development of more than 500+ additional new units in the next three years. At the same time, Wesley stands committed to extending our Housing Stability  initiative across this expanded portfolio.

With your help, we can continue to build up the lives of at-risk families, children, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities and special needs so please donate today.  


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