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Center for Human Development's Empowerment Program provides non-clinical support to LGBTQ+ youth, ages 12-20, in the highly diverse and underserved area of East Contra Costa County. We are the only community based program in this area focused on providing LGBTQ+ adolescents with critically needed support and linkage to culturally responsive resources. Empowerment's staff work continuously to develop a safe, confidential environment where youth can express themselves authentically, learn about the LGBTQ+ community, and develop important skills for social and emotional wellness and lifelong resilience.

During COVID-19, we, like so many needed to shift to operating remotely, leaving many LGBTQ+ youth feeling increasingly isolated and lacking critical social and emotional support. Returning to in person support has placed a spotlight on how traumatizing COVID-19 and the current social climate has been for marginalized youth. As an vital service to the LGBTQ+ youth in our community, requests for social-emotional and mental health support for youth from local schools have increased more than 100%, as they have become aware of the dramatic increase in anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, as well as negative and even violent attitudes toward the LGBTQ+ community. This has stretched our current staff's capacity to meet the needs of our LGBTQ+ youth for support. Increased funding is vital to our being able to meet these requests for support and the needs of our community.

As you consider where you will place your support on this #GivingTuesday, please know your donation to Center for Human Development's Empowerment Program will go directly toward increasing our capacity to meet these requests for support to our LGBTQ+ youth in East Contra Costa County. Thank you, on behalf of Center for Human Development and the communities we serve.

Youth Testimonials:

"I have been going to Empowerment youth group meetings for almost two years now. I was pretty hesitant on going to my first meeting because I didn't know any of the people there and because I was unsure of myself. Now I can confidently say that I have made the right choice. Empowerment offered me much needed support in starting and continuing my gender journey. Back when I was still questioning my gender, I was able to share my own experiences and hear others’ experiences as well. I have not met one mean or uninviting person during my time at Empowerment and everyone I have talked to have been so supportive and are always offering advice. Having a supportive group of people I could talk to who are like me, really helped me come out of my shell and realize that I am not alone in this world. I was able to gain the confidence I needed to take further steps towards becoming my true self. Empowerment has provided me with so many resources regarding mental health, gender identity, and how to get help. I've laughed and cried with Empowerment, and through Empowerment I feel that I have been able to grow as a person and really find myself.   ~Jozeph, 18

"My experience with Empowerment has been really amazing because it is a safe place to be able to talk to people and just have a place to rant. They don’t judge you and make you feel comfortable to talk about anything. I have learned a lot in Empowerment, things that I never knew before and I’m glad that I am apart of it. ~ India, 17

"When I was in my sophomore year, I was approached with the QscOUTs (Empowerment) program in my school’s GSA club. The idea of learning more about the community I was still just walking into, and receiving support was extremely inviting. My group over the two years I was a more active member, were people I looked forward to seeing every week, even if we didn’t talk outside of the group; we all became friends in ways that just isn’t really possible without a program like this. It was an environment you could almost immediately feel comfortable with. Most new members would start sharing and joking with the rest of us within a few visits, which in my opinion conveys just how inviting the group can be. That kind of supportive vibe was what guided me and kept me going a majority of the time within those two years. I am also still in contact with most of the group members, even if we do not talk a lot, I am there for them as I trust they are for me too. This program is incredible in terms of the discussions you will have, the memories you can create with people who will be more than just supportive, and I highly recommend it for any LGBTQ+ youth who needs and/or wants that kind of experience.  ~Rem, 18

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