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Empower 'I'm Possible' in kids, seniors, & veterans through performing arts education & programs.


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Why Access to Performing Arts Education and Programming Are More Important Than You Might Realize

How our kids develop shapes our world. We must provide them with their best chance.

How seniors and veterans stay healthy and vibrant is our duty.

What if you never had an opportunity to be a part of a team, explore inner creativity, find confidence, truly express yourself, or speak publicly?

Learn how to dance, or sing, or even perform? 

What if you couldn’t access online education?

Even in the USA in 2023, this is far too common.

Too many schools have no performing arts education or programming, and so many seniors and veterans have lost access to much of this programming in community centers. Demand is growing, support is shrinking.

For seniors and veterans, it’s a crucial link to community, staying healthy, and feeling self-worth. 

For children and teens, it’s critical to their development into balanced, responsible, and fully developed adults who will be the future of our nation.

It’s time to turn the impossible into possible.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for children, seniors, and veterans to believe: 

I’m Possible

AhHa!Broadway’s Mission

Around the New York City area, and even in several other states, AhHa!Broadway provides access to performing arts programming and education and even learning technology, movement classes, and initiatives to encourage literacy. We focus our impact on underserved children, senior citizens, and US veterans.

Everyone must have a fair opportunity to Learn. Perform. Believe. No matter their social or economic reality. 

50% of our funding comes from donations and gifts.

From you.

And we’re grateful. Thank you.

Transformative Impact in 2023, More to Do

In 2023, we accomplished so much. 

We shared a message of kindness and promoted literacy, along with providing a carload of new books via live performance of The Kindness Project.

Students across 4 underserved schools (kindergarten through high school) received a comprehensive STEAM education program, including puppetry, acting, drone technology, and even 3D virtual reality design. 

We provided comedy writing and performance workshops and movement classes to underserved senior centers and other community facilities across New York City. We gave a co-op of homeschooled children their first real taste of learning lyrics and choreography for a performance.

And, of course, our Summer Musical Theatre Camp. Production of Disney’s High School Musical Jr. was a smashing success by inspiring kids what they're capable of and exposing them to all facets of the Broadway musical process onstage and behind the scenes. Now it's time to lead the way for others whose future depends on the impact we make.

Bold, New Initiatives in 2024

In addition to all of the work we already do, here’s our plan for growth in 2024:

1. We aim to launch special programs on our roster, specifically designed for people who want access to performing arts. But for them, it's a challenge, including: comedy, writing and expression for neurodivergent adults, dancing for kids with English as a second language, and opportunities for kids without local theatre programs in Queens, New York. 

2. We intend to provide expanded dance movement classes for senior centers in the New York City area and bring those already successful programs to veterans centers as well.

3. We'll widen our successful comedy workshops to more neurodivergent adults and duplicate the program in other New York City area facilities. 

4. Big news about AhHa!Broadway’s Summer Musical Theatre Camp, going into its 4th year!  It's already been very successful and truly transformative for so many kids from the NYC area. 

(By the way, we already have a very exciting show planned. We can't say what it is quite yet, but we can say it will be really sweet.)

We're going to make a big move this year: Instead of accepting any interested student, we will invite as many as 5 very talented kids from previous years of our summer camp to participate in student leadership roles. 

We aim to fully fund the remaining 20 spots through private and corporate donations or grants, which will allow us to open these other 20 spots to especially deserving students from some 20 New York City area schools. Each school will be asked to nominate a single student based on socioeconomic challenge and exceptional aptitude, who will have the opportunity to attend the camp at no cost.

Why We Need You

All four of these exciting areas of growth can impact many people, making it even more possible for them to learn, perform and believe  — in themselves, in possibility, and in each other.  

And to know: I’m Possible.

To make this happen:

Kids need us. Seniors need us. Veterans need us.

And we need you.

I am asking you to please be a part of what we can accomplish in this next year. We need your help. Your contribution to our non-profit will turn impossible into possible for so many.

Please —- donate now to our campaign: I’m Possible.

Thank you.

Heather Edwards, Founder/CEO

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