GuaniCARES Program in Puerto Rico

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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We are on the ground every day in Puerto Rico saving lives. Your donation helps!


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$15,000 goal

Puppies like the ones above, who were callously dumped along the side of a road in a national forest, need our help. Every day our staff and volunteers are out saving lives of cats and dogs in Puerto Rico. Without us they will suffer and die. 

Currently, our staff and volunteers are assisting dozens of animals a day who have been impacted by the ongoing earthquakes that have devastated Guanica. Dogs and puppies are roaming the streets. People are leaving Guanica and Puerto Rico and leaving their pets behind. We estimate now that thousands of dogs and puppies are on the streets. It is dire. And only Homeward Trails and GuaniCARES are on the streets every day assisting.

Your donations help provide food, medical care and transport to the mainland.

Cats in Puerto Rico living on the streets.

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