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You can build access to success for aspiring youth through our Youth Program Scholarship Fund.


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Big challenges require big heroes.

You can be that hero.

The past few years have had a devastating impact on youth1.

The percentage of all state 11th-12th graders meeting college and career readiness benchmarks declined from 42.6 to 36.0 between 2018/9 and 2020/1. For those eligible for free or reduced-price meals, it fell from 20.2 to 15.2% during the same time.

The percentage of 9th graders on-track to graduate fell to it's lowest level in 7 years.

Chronic absenteeism (missing more than 10% of the school year) amongst students eligible for free lunch increased to 35% from 2020-2021.

You can help change this dynamic.

You can create access to high quality, immersive programs for youth including individualized mentorships and achievement programs, youth leadership scholarships, and more.

There are tremendous benefits from youth mentoring programs.

When trained and passionate adults engage youth in dedicated and individualized mentorship programs, there are many benefits2. 

  • Increased high school graduation rates
  • Better attitudes about school
  • Higher college enrollment rates
  • Decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use.

Scholarships are essential to create individual and community level change.

Nearly 70,000 households in Eastern CT are considered “cost-burdened”, that is, they spend over 30% of their income on housing costs and struggle to pay for basic needs3.

Two of Eastern CT’s counties, Windham and New London, are ranked 9th and 7th in median household income amongst CT’s 9 counties3.

 24% of families in Eastern CT are single parent. In New London and Windham, the rates exceed 50%. Single families are at a disadvantage when compared to two-parent households. Fewer household earners means less income to spend on basic needs3. Building sustainability into an eastern CT-based charity with a focus on youth programming like Project Imo will provide long term support. 

Your heroic efforts drive positive change.

You can help launch our Youth Program Scholarship Fund, a needs-based resource for youth aspiring to achieve.

Empowering youth. Breaking down barriers.

Your contributions to this fund will provide access to programs such as youth leadership and storytelling program enrollment, community workshops such as excursions and life-skills instruction, certification and instructional courses hosted by Project Imo, and the world renown Duke of Edinburgh's International Award program.

Needs-based support.

Project Imo is committed to a fair and transparent application and selection process. Applicants will self-select eligibility criteria as outlined and complete an attestation confirming the criteria. Project Imo will not ordinarily require proof of financial eligibility to avoid shame and embarrassment. The application for support from the Youth Program Scholarship Fund must include the following:

  1. Free or reduced-cost lunches in public schools.
  2. Pell Grant eligibility
  3. Household income at or below 150% of the federal poverty level at the time of application
  4. Other situations deemed a significant financial barrier to enrollment as determined by the Board of Directors or any Youth Advisory Committee.
  5. For the purposes of the Youth Program Scholarship Fund, youth are considered to be 25 years old or younger.

Supported by responsible and transparent governance.

Our Annual Report will have a specific section for this Fund and generalized information about application numbers/ selections/ and fund transactions.

Funds directed into this program are considered to be donor restricted and cannot be used for purposes other than outlined in this policy. The Youth Program Scholarship Fund will be listed as a separate line in our bookkeeping and reporting.

Be the Hero to an Aspiring Youth Today.

As a licensed Award Center for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Project Imo can enroll youth in this 6 to 24 month program of individualized mentorship with one of our trained professionals.

As  a supporter of immersive youth leadership and community-based programs, you can ensure youth get individualized experiential education from Project Imo.

Any amount helps a youth achieve their potential.

Any amount of your generous support provides increased access. 

  • $150 enrolls the youth in a mentorship program through Award USA, the national governing body of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in the United States. 
  • $300 enrolls the youth in the Award and provides sustained mentorship for 6-24 months.
  • $500 enrolls the youth in the Award, provides sustained mentorship, and funds their Adventurous Journey where they develop resilience, community bonds, planning skills, grit, and a host of critical 21st Century Skills.

Be the Hero today 

and support them for a lifetime.

1. Connecticut State Department of Education. 2022. Condition of Education in Connecticut.

2. “Benefits of Mentoring for Young People”.

3. Connecticut Regional Data Stories 

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